my first post in 2017. Lets fly high

Finally, I graduate from University Indonesia in proper time. It is one of my list dream in 2016 come true, so I called it as my biggest achievement. I am grateful what I have done. During as college student, i have a lot of experiences not only knowledge about my major but knowledge about social interaction. I got knowledge from my lectures at classroom. But also I got knowledge from people in outside there. I joined in several committe and organization in university. In committee, i got opportunity to be involved in many activites. Honestly, its hard for me because I have to out from comfortable zone. I am a mousy and introvert. But, the sound of my heart say “its your time Ci”. So, this challenge that I have to face. It’s a way change your weakness to be strength and I did. I make bold to enter committee and organization because I think it will develop myself for the future. On this situation, I learn how to divide my learning time into these activities. I had given responsibility on several position like staff, secretary and treasure. Im ever as fundraising staff, in this position I learn to did a small business. As secretary, I have to lead my division consist of four member. I must give direction what assignment for the staff so that our plan can well done. And the last as treasure, I learn how to manage expulsion of fund on committee so that program can well done. Moreover, I learn how to negosiation with employee in university. Overall, I love doing those because it shape me to be multitasking person, how to solve the problem on group and meet with new people. I am really proud to my self. I successfully go through in this phase. Then, i can give a present to my parent with a good score (GPA). All of this is lesson of my parent that taught me not afraid to take challenge in life. And I gave evidence from what I do in university life. I think this is my biggest achievement of my life.


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