Job fair

This is the first time i went to the job fair. It was held by jobstreet in UKM SMESCO. While knowing the news about it, i has to attend no reeason if no friends to accompany me.

i dont know location UKM SMESCO. Just rely on internet and google maps <<i think people outside there using this application too xD). And if i still confused just open the last alternative way is online transportation application. hahaha

On my way, i met a new friend, she is Yossi. She is still a college student of the third semester. Like me, she went to alone with no friend. So, i and she decided to walk around together in job fair place. When we arrived at UKM SMESCO, there are many people had queued even though its friday, it means work day. It can be concluded that unemployment in Indonesia still a lot :<

we waited about half an hour until we allowed enter the hall. We visited each of companies both. If we are interesting about their vacancy, we apllied. Moreover, we talked each other about education, life, jobs, etc. From it, i learned a lot from her. Actually she live in Tasik, but she has the will to be independent person. So, she decided to take study in Jakarta.  She often take a job as sales, telemarceting, and any job other. The salary that she got will using to pay tuition and cost of living in Jakarta. Im so amazed with her life story. Honestly, i learned a lot about the life from her. Thank you Yossi, you open my mind and make me stronger to face the real world. I hope we can get the best achievement in our life ya. See you on top!

God, i thanked for this day. I got a lesson about life from the others. You use Yossi to tell me that we must work hard. And believe you have a good future but you have to fight until finish line. GO, GO, GO searching the jobs hahaha!


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