A final year student

Last year, i tried to saving partly results of fee as part time worker, schoolarship, monthly pocket money in money box. In this July, i opened up it and got Rp 3.550.00 haha. Honestly, i dont want to take that money until toward the day <<marrriage. lol>>,. But, the situation compelled to do it. The situation where my family had spent much money to pay of operating cost. As a daughter who still take monthly pocket from my mother, i dont want to adding burden in my family. So, i have decided to take this action. Its mean i wont accept monthly pocket for this month.

All that money i using to buy thing that will be needed for my graduation. Print out, hardcover, registration fee graduation, kebaya etc. Like I do this evening, i went to photocopy to finishing my thesis, but  I do something mistake. I forget to say about size paper to employee. i realized about ten minute left. So, I quickly say to him to stop doing it. “Masssss, stoppp massss, massss” Huhuhuhu cryyy. But, he had done photocopy around 250 pages, im late, my money used to useless thing :”<  All of i must pay amount 30 ribu T.T



so thick, right?

“I think so deep, why we must pay so expensive for our graduation  huhu. You are trying  kill us slowly. Hey, we are jobless, dont have enough money, we still ask our parent for supporting our financial :(”

In this moment, I have Rp  2.800.000 left. Still many things that I must pay. Im not afraid but I trust God will fulfill my needs.





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