Wearing make up, why not?

hellow, im back for sharing a moment with my friends

Today, i meet up with Anis and Sangga at Anis’s home. Like girls do, we shared anything as of our education, make up, gossip indonesian’s artist (LOL)  till not important things to talked about wkwk.

in the middle our chit chat, Anis asked “Ci, i want make over you, yha. Sit in here”. So, i did. Btw, Anis has ability in make up’s world, she got many request from her friends to do make up for their graduation, stages perfomances, etc. Only need 15 minutes, she already changed my face to be beautiful girl (before my face look like a trash 😦 ) Honestly, i rare wearing make up, it was just a lipstick and powder.

These are the results that Anis did on my face hehe :

Sorry for my mussy hair -_-IMG_20160711_192731_HDR

and, the last we didnt forget to take photos together. So cute, rite? hahaha. this is one of hundred photos that i thought “da best” IMG_20160711_191534_HDR.jpg


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