Thesis defense

I couldnt say anything, it was so beautiful day.

4 years i was struggling to get my academic title . Stress, happy, almost crazy (maybe), all of sensation become one during college life. But, the day is coming….

—–16 June 2016——

Early morning, i wake up, prepare to thesis defense. Yap, its my turn, i had to justify my thesis in front of examiners. Seriously, i am not afraid  just my hearts beating so fast  (wkwk its same, Ci). 06.50, i already arrived at campus, none friends, just me and my father. My thesis defense began at 08.00, but it was delayed by something problem. During thesis defense, i was gave many questions and suggestions about this thesis. I listened carefully all of input from my examiners.  A hour passed, im waiting for my time to come, yap the result.



Tada, im passed! ……So, i could add s.hum behind my nickmane, it means i am officialy shum. Horay!!!

Im soooooooo blessed, God you give me a beautiful memory in my life again. And, that day was appropriate for my father’s birthday. So, its a present to you from your little daughter 🙂



The last, i wanna say for all of your prayers, help and support me until now. Your support make me stronger than before hehe. Its like oasis in a desert :>

Its not ending, but beginning for the real life. May God give us the best way for the future. I hope we can all achieve our dreams and be a happy family! See you on top!!


gifts from my friends. Thank you guys, luvluv ❤

IMG-20160617-WA0006     Some of moments with my friend after thesis defense. Thank you for coming, im so touched :’


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