Exploring the History in Museum Perjoangan Bogor



History is a chronological record of events in the past. Talking about history is fun, a lot of things that we can take such a history about the fighters of  Indonesia  to face of  the invaders. We can know the history through reading books, watching movies and visiting  to a museum. On this occasion, I and my college friends visited one of museums in Bogor City, it’s Museum Perjoangan Bogor. We went to the that museum to know about history of Indonesia, especially in Bogor. In there, we’re guided by Mr. Mushrup, he was one of the museum’s employees.

Museum Perjoangan Bogor was the oldest museum and most complete collection in Indonesia. The first owner of the Museum Pejouangan Bogor was a Netherlands’s businessman, he’s Gustaf Wilhelm Wissner,and it was built on 7 July 1879, it was originally used as a warehouse for export agricultural commodities before sent to countries in Europe. On May 20, 1958, the building was donated from the last owner that Umar IBN Uthman Albawahab be Museum Perjoangan Bogor. The function of that museum as a place to collection of historic objects that detect traces of struggle heroes.

The  museum was quite strategic because it located in the center of Bogor City. Museum Perjoangan Bogor located in Jl. Merdeka No. 56, near of Pusat Grosir Bogor ( PGB ).  So, it’s easy to reach by people. They can use the train and stop in Bogor’ stasion. Next, there are two option to go to museum, walking about a half mile or using the public transportasion. Visitors of museum must buy a ticket that cost Rp 3000 / adult and Rp 2000 / children. The admission fee used to maintenance of facilities in Museum Perjoangan Bogor. Next, visitors have to write on guest book.

Museum Perjoangan Bogor consisted of two floors. The first floor contained a collection of all kinds of guns and equipment (helmets) are used as heroes for independence, there are also guns captured from the Japanese’s and English’s troops, some of the weapons were still in active use. There is a collection of Oeang Republic of Indonesia (ORI) in circulation at the time of the physical revolution period between the years 1945-1950, in fractions of Rp1, Rp.5, and Rp.25, and had  the first currency VOC too. There are some of  dioramas which describe battle in bogor and around like a bojongkokosan battle diorama ( palagan bojongkokosan ) occuring on 9-12-1945. Museum had a collection of a Banyan tree in 1945, it were used to as a place shelter and hide the by Kijanggut Bolong fighters to protect the Indonesian people. Still on  the first floor,  there was the observation room. Inside of that room had a small library, serve as a  facility  for visitors to know more information about the history of Indonesia, especially Bogor.

The second floor, visitor could see important documents on the physical revolution period, the old printing machine , the red-white flag was hoisted on 19 August 1945, collection of clothing of  heroes  that some of  them had native blood stains, as well as traditional weapons used to fight the invaders and the pictures of  indonesian’s heroes

In conclusion, Museum Perjoangan Bogor was the oldest museum in Indonesia. It was still  exist. Expected value of the spirit of nationalism and patriotsm of heroes could be apllied on younger generation  present and future.


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